Tour of the Month

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The Abandoned Ships that were left in San Francisco after the gold rush were kind of like the beater cars we took to college. They were only needed to get from Point A to Point B.

Parking has always been a problem in San Francisco, if it isn’t scooters left on the sidewalk, or cars blocking your drive way or uber/lyft cars in the middle of the street, it’s ships clogging up the waterfront. 

Come explore from the Ferry Building to the original waterline with AJ, The Tour Diva   Foot offers $5 off each ticket for our May, Walking On Water Tour. In addition to our usual FOOT! Fun and Frivolity you get some history, some art and laughs. 

This month a portion of Foot’s profits from our Tour of the Month tour will go to support the San Francisco Bike Coalition. Or you can make a donation directly to them here.

Want a private tour?  Contact AJ The Tour Diva.  Custom tours, too!

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