Tour of the Month

Every April we remember the Big One, the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906. While the California Gold Rush put San Francisco on the map, the Great 'Quake wiped it off and forced her put it back on again. It tested the City's mettle and let her rebuild bigger and better than before.

Shake & Bake: The Heartbreak of the Great 'Quake is our special Tour of the Month. Join us all April for discounted tours, presented by our diva history-expert tour guide. Discounts will be applied automatically when you purchase your tickets here

Learn how the destruction of the nation's tenth largest city wasn't the end, but only the next stage in the City's amazing transformation . . . plus much more. If you want a tour that puts this tragedy in perspective and explores how San Francisco's pride and ingenuity fostered her recovery, this is it!

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