Whether you want to get an overview of the City's quirky history or visit specific neighborhoods, our history-expert guides can customize our tours to give you the experience you want. We have a dozen standard tours, but are happy to personalize one for your group, too. It's your tour, and you should see what you want to see.

We've been showing of San Francisco since the 1900s (well, 1999) and can give you the insiders' view of what this dynamic, beautiful, crazy city has to offer.

A one-of-a-kind place requires a one-of-a-kind tour, and that's what we do. Get out of the car and off the bus: the best way to see San Francisco is on FOOT!

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Real san francisco.
Real history. real fun.

When your tour guides are history buffs and professional entertainers, you know you're going to have a fun time learning about San Francisco's past. Our guides get great reviews because they love sharing the history of the City to those who want to see more than just tourist traps and chain restaurants. These are boutique tours for unique tourists.

Part history lesson and part game show, our tours will take you to back alleys, hidden gardens, and other locals-only locations that boring buses and dorky Segways can't visit. Using games, history lessons, re-enactments, fun facts, and lots of only-in-San-Francisco stories, our guides will show you how San Francisco's unique past informed her one-of-a-kind personality.


A sample of what you'll learn on a FOOT! tour.