Tour of the Month

Walk on Water all Walk-tober.

It's Walk-tober, and the weather is made for walking. It's one of the many San Francisco secrets we try to keep from the tourists so we can enjoy this time of year for ourselves.

Walking on Water is our special Tour of the Month for October, and you'll learn many other secrets the City has held for 150+ years. For instance, most of downtown was originally submerged. As San Francisco grew, she extended into the bay and those water lots filled in with abandoned Gold Rush ships and sand leveled from the dunes that stretched from the Pacific. Ready for more? Sign up for Walking on Water and you'll get automatic discounts when you purchase your tickets here as you walk along the City's original shore line.

Learn how the City began as a small maritime port and then boomed during the Gold Rush, and how the wharf has played a role in every era since . . . plus much more. If you're looking for the original heart of the City and how ships were the lifeblood of early San Francisco, this is your tour!

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