Tour of the Month


November Hob Nobs!


Another year end fast approaches as November arrives.  With the Holiday season kicking off with Thanksgiving and progressing at a fast pace to Christmas and New Year Eve Foot!  Fun Walking Tours begins to make a list of our favorite San Francisco traditions.

Our November Tour of The Month is Hobnobbing With Gobs of Snobs sharing the stories of the families who once covered Nob Hill and the insider details of how they used their wealth and power for good and not so good.

Foot!  Will donate a portion of our Nob Hill tour sales to help the SF-Marin Food bank provide meals for those in need.  If you would like to donate now you can do so here.

Book a Hob Nobbing With Gobs of Snobs tour between now and November 30th and get $5 off your ticket automatically.

We look forward to giving you a fresh perspective on San Francisco. And don’t worry you don’t have to wear waterproof gear unless it rains.


Want a private tour?  Contact AJ our Tour Diva.  Custom tours, too!

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